Ramps are one of those wonderful gifts we get to look forward to every spring, only in season for 6 to 8 weeks! I cook with them as much as I can and then pickle them for later. Find your local green market and give them a try. Ramps look like a scallion but have beautiful and delicious smooth, green leaves. The lower stems are white and purple and start to get a small bulb on root end later in the season. Ramps can be prepared by eating raw or grilling, roasting, pickling and sautéing . Add to your favorite pasta dishes, pestos, soups, polenta, salads and aiolis.
Delicious with other spring produce like mushrooms, asparagus, fiddleheads and lemon.

When you get them home

Rinse ramps in a colander with cold water
Cut off roots
Lay flat on clean tea towel
Roll up towel and store in crisper section of the refrigerator



  • Common names- wild leeks, wood leeks, wild onions
  • In the lily family
  • Harvested wild from mountainous areas, native to the Appalachian Mountains
  • West Virginia- ramp capital of the world
  • Early spring, mid-April to June
  • Garlic odor, garlic flavor
I lay them flat on a tea towel
roll them up like a jellyroll
store in crisper
this is how I cut them to pickle them


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