Spring Radishes

Spring Radishes…. The forgotten spring vegetable, not just for garnishing crudité trays and garden salads. These round beauties have great zippy flavor and crunch when raw and mellow in flavor when cooking them. YES, roasting, grilling, braising is a wonderful way to prepare radishes!

March - June
Look for plump, firm heavy for size
Summer radishes have spicier bite

Storing and Care
Wash and drain in colander. I cut the stems off and store in a separate tea towel if they are nice enough to keep for salads. The radishes I roll in a tea towel and put in plastic bag. I think they get soft faster if the leaves are kept on.

Types I love
Cherry Belle, Easter Egg, French Breakfast, Watermelon

Great with avocado and salt
Glazed with sugar and vinegar
Raw in salads and tacos
Leaves are delicious raw and sautéed, great peppery taste

Perfect for home garden and even in pots!
Spring planting, grows quickly and easy to grow
Are ready to eat after 22-28 after plating
Lots of time  the first vegetable harvested


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