Countdown to 2014!

Countdown to 2014!!
New Year’s Eve At Home

Here’s a list of my go to entertaining recipes to ring in the New Year.  After spending the last 12 years working in a restaurant kitchen and enjoying the ability to make a special night for customers.  I now enjoy New Year’s Eve at home, in my PJ's and these recipes I’ve selected are sophisticated, simple and do head.
Happy New Year!

This is the perfect winter soup, easy, quick and with the warming spices and smokey flavor from the grilled cauliflower it will keep your insides toasty.

Radicchio, fennel and spring onions really mellow in flavor when grilled,  they get smoky, tender and sweet which complements beautifully with the brightness and brininess of the green olive pesto.

Fresh dill, parsley and cilantro -these can be found in every supermarket, I think the dill with the lemon and fresh black pepper taste so good together. I’ve used this dressing with my fried green tomato sandwich at the restaurant and at home as a dip for raw vegetables. 

The flavors of the edamame and truffles together are a delicious combo and work perfectly together as a spread.   Serve as you would hummus for company.

Whole grain mustard, caramelized onion and brussel sprout flat bread, perfect in anyway!


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