Everything You Need to Know About Ramps with Five Recipes

Ramps 101 

Ramps are one of those wonderful gifts we get to look forward to every spring, only in season for 6 to 8 weeks! I cook with them as much as I can and then pickle them for later. Find your local green market and give them a try. Ramps look like a scallion but have beautiful and delicious smooth, green leaves. The lower stems are white and purple and start to get a small bulb on root end later in the season. Ramps can be prepared by eating raw or grilling, roasting, pickling and sautéing . Add to your favorite pasta dishes, pestos, soups, polenta, salads and aiolis.
Delicious with other spring produce like mushrooms, asparagus, fiddleheads and lemon.


  • Common names- wild leeks, wood leeks, wild onions
  • In the lily family
  • Harvested wild from mountainous areas, native to the Appalachian Mountains
  • West Virginia- ramp capital of the world
  • Early spring, mid-April to June
  • Garlic odor, garlic flavor

When you get them home

Rinse ramps in a colander with cold water
Cut off roots
Lay flat on clean tea towel
Roll up towel and store in crisper section of the refrigerato

My Favorite Ramp Recipes

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Balsamic Glazed Spring Radishes with Ramps

The perfect spring side dish. Perfect hot or at room temperature. Perfect for brunch, lunch or dinner.
I paired it with my pesto white bean stuffed artichokes and it was a hit!I paired it with my pesto white bean stuffed artichokes and it was a hit!

Pickled Ramps

How does a Gin Gibson sound with a pickled Ramp! Delicious!

Vegan Ramp Pasta
Egg-free pasta…. There are a lot of bad internet recipes out there! I’ve tried most and it’s really discouraging sometimes, I think is it me? Did I do something wrong? Homemade pasta takes time and you feel like it’s a waste of time after you put all this work into it and it sucks.
This is the recipe that I can honestly say it works every time, it rolls out beautifully, tastes great, doesn’t blow up in the water, doesn’t break when you make ravioli and this dough can be made ahead and kept in the refrigerator!
I make pasta a lot, mostly ravioli- I make a bunch and freeze them and it makes getting dinner on the table so easy! I like to know what’s in my food and I’m tooooo cheap to spend 10 bucks on frozen pasta.
This recipe is for ramp pasta but feel free to substitute spinach, basil, chard, kale…. But ramps are in season so lets eat them while we can!

Ramp linguini with morels

After you finish making the ramp pasta- it’s the fastest dinner ever. This would also work with store bought pasta but the ramp pasta really makes it special. I put Edamame in a lot of my pasta dishes, I like everything about them from the nutrition to flavor. If your not into them white beans, spring peas or asparagus would work great.  

Spring Pea and Ramp Ravioli with Mint Pesto

The filling is fresh spring peas, fresh herbs and lemon. You can make the ravioli free formed or you can use a ravioli form, I got my ravioli form for about 19 dollars from a kitchen store and it‘s great. The one thing I love about making ravioli is that you can freeze them for later. Great for Mother’s Day dinner, I finished the ravioli with basil mint pesto and served with a spring mix salad and some crusty bread -it’s perfect spring meal. AND the best part is you can enjoy your quests because all the hard work was done ahead of time.


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