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     I was the co-chef and owner of a fantastic vegetarian restaurant in Southampton, Pa called Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille.  Owning a restaurant consumes every aspect of your life and lots of the time you feel that it owns you but the payoffs are so big,  having the greatest employees and customers ever, being respected in the amazing food community that I'm so proud to be a part of and the pure joy of looking out into the restaurant from the kitchen door and seeing people enjoying something you created.  It is and was truly amazing but with all that, the 15 hour and 7 days a week for twelve years it does break down your body and your spirit.

In second grade I got my first real cookbook, the Fannie Farmer Cookbook,  from my Dad for my birthday and I was hooked.  Saturdays on PBS was the highlight of my week, Graham Kerr, Jeff Smith, and Julia Child were my heroes.  I remember holding up the lunch line in elementary school asking the lunch ladies cooking questions like "is that an ice cream scoop to form the mashed potatoes"..."How do you get your corn so delicious" in which the lunch lady replied I don't know it's from a can.   In 5th grade, I made French Potato Soup, Vichyssoise for my French studies class and if you want your kids to get teased in elementary school send them on the school bus with a crockpot of potato soup and wearing a beret.  Holy moly, that was a tough bus ride after that.  I continued reading cookbooks like they were novels and then the greatest thing to come into my life happened... The TV Food Network, that was my cooking school.  

    We opened Blue Sage when I was 26 years old and we really had no idea what we were doing, we learned fast and worked hard and in the 12 years, I was a part of it we won "the Best of Philly" 4 times, "Top 10 Vegetarian Restaurants of the World" -Vegetarian Times Magazine, on TV, in magazines and the paper, reviewed by Mr. Craig Laban (2 bells)...And that was a heart-dropping moment...When the hostess came back to the kitchen to tell us Craig Laban is on the phone. My cousin and Blue Sage staple Tommy can recite the entire article word for word and would belt it out at the tensest of times in the kitchen, it always lightened the mood.  

  Now that I'm retired from the restaurant business and enjoying my husband & amazing two kids, my vegetable garden, dinner with friends on Saturday nights, holidays with my family, farmers markets  -it's all fantastic, life is good.
I started this blog because I love cooking, I love making people happy and I love showing them love with the food I make and that is the most important thing to me.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my webpage!

 All the best, 

      Holly Kirby

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